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Merchant Service Center


The Merchant Service Center (MSC) is a Web-based portal that lets merchants perform a variety of tasks related to their merchant account, including:
  • Performing refunds and voids on transactions that originated from within your software 
  • Searching for transactions, deposits, and fees 
  • Processing payment transactions, even when they are not using your software 
  • Creating customized reports 
  • Viewing or downloading up to 13 months of statements, or order paper copies of older statements

This service is offfered to merchants free of charge when they have an approved merchant account with Intuit Payment Solutions.  We recommend that you provide access to this resource from within your software in order to give your merchant a comprehensive set of processing and reporting tools, enhancing the usability of your software with no additional effort. 

The Merchant Service Center is offered in the Test and Production environments and can be accessed using the following links:

You will need to login with PTC or Production merchant account credentials depending on the environment you are using.

Examples Using the MSC

The following figures illustrates a couple of examples of how you can introduce the Merchant Service Center in your software. 
If your software does not include the void or refund capability you can use the charge interface as described above to let your merchant know that they can perform these actions by logging into their accounts in the Merchant Portal. 
As mentioned earlier, your merchants can also create customized reports and download or view their merchant account statments. The figure above illustrates an example of how an embedded browser linked to the Merchant Portal can be accessed by your software application, allowing access to the Merchant Service Center from within the merchant's payment workflow. 

Direct Access to MSC Data

Here are a few useful links that you can incorporate into your application to create a more complete merchant experience.  These links refer to the "production" system.  If you are processing transactions in the test (PTC) environment, you will need to login with your test merchant account credentials and replace merchantcenter.intuit.com with merchantcenter.ptcfe.intuit.com in the links below.

If not already logged in, the merchant will be asked to provide their merchant account credentials before accessing the Merchant Service Center.
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